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It's true words shape us, it put a light on our path and for some it makes their light insignificant.

i still remember the day i followed my aunty to my grandma's construction site it was 2005 i was in primary 4 at that time. the bricklayers were working when we got there after sitting for about an hour me as a young boy trying to help the bricklayers out of curiosity.

She called me and asked if i like the work and i replied her it's fine and they are hard working and the next thing i heard from her is "i want you to learn it" i smirked thinking she isn't serious.

In 2006 after i finished my primary school she sat me down and told me she don't have power to sponsor my education anymore i was devastated, but what could i do than to accept my fate, but i was optimistic.

I started learning bricklaying and i read when i have the opportunity and in 2007 comes the word that shaped me.

It was one afternoon my aunty came back from the market and while unpacking the stuffs she bought there was a packet of pencil in it after we finished unpacking she started sharing the pen and when it was my turn my cousin said "do i want to use the pencil to write on the block when i get to site" i was so hurt because she make a jest of me.

though she came to apologise, but the deed has been done. tears roll down my cheeks she wiped it, but she couldn't see my heart bleed. she didn't know, but her words shaped me she probably has forgotten, but i can still hear the sound of her voice.

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And it's not by building tough skin, these words leave the deepest scars that the eyes can't see.

Sending you love❤❤❤

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